Animal Transport


"China Girl" - Last Known Female Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle


Mitchel Kalmanson can prepare the itinerary and will personally oversee the transport of domestic and/or exotic animals and/or marine mammals from any destination to any other receiving facility in the world.  Over twenty (20) years of worldwide experience.  Whether transporting a private shipment or helping to save a species*, Kalmanson has the expertise and ability to get the job done.   

Import / Export

Arrange the importing and/or exporting of domestic and/or exotic animals and/or marine mammals.  He can help facilitate the CITES as well as the international, national, and local permits, licenses, etc. 

Mitchel Kalmanson Services Include:
Consult with Client &/or Client's Employee(s)/Staff &/or Hired Independent Contractors
Arrange for Cargo Aircraft (&/or other method(s) of transport)
Load Master the Shipment / Risk Management
Prepare and Provide Protocols / Standard Operating Procedures
Prepare and Set Time Tables - Make all necessary reservations for Personnel
Evaluation of Facilities / Site Visits

Examples of Transport and/or Import/Export by Mitchel Kalmanson:

  • Circus Animals (throughout the U.S.A., Mexico, S. Africa, and Europe)
  • Primates / Felines (U.S.A. to Mexico and return)
  • Lions (Paris, France to U.S.A.)
  • White Lions (S. Africa to U.S.A.)
  • Marine Mammals (in and out of various Caribbean  Islands)
  • Pandas (SE Asia)
  • *Rafetus (Yangtze Giant Soft Shell) Turtle (China - as seen on "Nature: The Loneliest Animals")
  • Russian-Siberian Domestic Foxes - Worldwide Transport

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